4/17: CRITIQUE on “Modern Comics” at 1 p.m.

4/24: Extended Collage Accordion book last work day: Printing + Folding/Binding Demo (printed, cut down and folded)

5/1: Last class of the semester: CRITIQUE on Accordion Book


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In this project we will be inspired by several different things: Comic book style fonts, use of exclamations, shapes and half tone dots. Above are visual examples of many modern comic artists but also a few Pop artists as well.

I will show several student examples today.

Your goals: Design a poster that uses these techniques in a unique way. You may be quite literal or abstract in terms of how much you are inspired by comics. Maybe its the color scheme and half tone dots that appeal to you.. maybe the layout or style. Consider the use of 3D type, if appropriate. The subject matter is your choice – so images may be drawn digitally, taken from photos or a combination of the two.

Specs: 16 x 20″ poster design at 300 dpi.


Book designer: CHIP KIDD

Chris Ware

Roy Lictenstein

Andy Warhol

Drawn and Quarterly

Lynda Barry

Graphic Novels that have inspired movies (Ghost World, Persepolis, American Splendor, V for Vendetta, Sin City, etc)

Five Best Graphic Novels


FREE: Blambot Comic Fonts

GREAT Tutorials: Take a look and consider using one!

20 Comic Book Effects

35 Comic Style Tutorials

Digital Halftoning

Pop art inspired:

Vibrant Image 

Pop Inspired – Specky Boy

Spattered Photomontage 

Technical skills to consider: use of filters (i.e. postering edges), digital painting, layer masking, blend modes.

Do you want to digitally develop your own character?

** To find the Halftone filter: Go to Filters – Pixelate – Color Halftone. Alter radius to your taste.



Those wanting to do the extra step (not required) of a hard cover accordion book, please see this easy to follow tutorial.

Accordian Books

I will also demonstrate this in class later on in the semester.

I will provide book board, if requested.

Critique on Type + Texture assignment!


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Intro to next project:

Extended Photo Manipulation and Digital Collage Accordion Book Project

(6) pages of 5×10” images (full bleed)  including cover page (Cover page should have a title of your story, your name and any other “Book Cover” design elements)

All designed in Photoshop. Images and/or text. Narrative. Short story through collages.

Once your 6 pages are designed, we will produce a simple accordion layout, print and fold your collages into a narrative accordion book.

The theme is of your choice completely.. but you must show mastery at combining images and advanced masking  (Quick mask AND Layer Mask) and layering.

Tutorials you might want to use:

1. Tilt Shift / Mini-models/ Fantasy landscapes

2. Everything Masking

3. – Photoshop: One-on-One Mastery

Pay particular attention to Ch. 26: Masking Essentials

Ch. 28: Blend Modes Revealed

Ch. 31: The Bristle and Mixer Brushes CS6 One on One Advanced: Ch. 32 and 33

For extra help: : Photoshop Masking and Compositioning: Fundamentals

Artists you might want to look at :

Jerry Uelsmann

Maggie Taylor

Peter Gerakaris (accordion books)

Accordion book folding via Booklyn


Full work day for our Text/Texture project.

Due next week!

Happy Valentine’s Day 😉

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Introduction to Telling Stories: Type + Texture Project

Flash fiction (also known as micro-fiction, sudden fiction, short short stories) is a phenonmenon seen in literature over the years. Officially termed a new genre in the 1990’s but seen in literature since Aesop’s Fables the idea is to create a story in 55 words – approximately 1000 words.

We’re going to do a “flash/flash fiction project”. See this blog/project “6 Word Story Every Day”  started by designer Anne Ulku and inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s work: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Regarded as his best work. Check out this article in Wired for some more literary references to “Very Short Stories”

1. Assignment: Produce a 11″ x 14″ poster composition using 6 words of your choice.

2. Try a new type effect

Ideas: 3D type, cool lighting effects, neon signs, vintage typography, can you create your own typeface or use one you’ve already created?

A great, basic, 3D type tutorial

Another GREAT and easy to use tutorial – specifically for CS6

and CS6 specific:

Super Glossy Type

Smashing Website has EXCELLENT tutorials on cool type effects

Pinterest – Typography

Ellen Lupton: Thinking with Type

Photoshop Lady (thanks Jhojana!)

Please check out  : – 3D Type Effects for 7 different cool type effects. Is one appropriate for your design?? 

3. Work with layered textures to produce a cohesive theme that makes sense for your series of words. Try your hand at masking and blending images together.

4. IF you are interested in Hand drawn lettering… you may use this technique for this project but you have to show that you are using Photoshop in some manner. (Cleaning up levels, adding backgrounds, adding texture, etc.) Please see our Design Club Design Challenge for several links as well as a few books I will bring in.


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